The Masteri is built by The Thao Dien Joint Stock Masteri, brings to your family a warm asmostphere in a modern architecture, high class and comfortable facilities.

The Joint Stock Investment Thao Dien is the one of reputate companies in real estate. The project of Masteri built by this company will increase the trust of the buyer. Morever, the projects have been successful in Real Estate so far.

can ho masteri quan 2

Locating at 159 Ha Noi Highway, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

The Masteri Thao Dien is built on the land of 79.839sqm. (8 ha), has 1,000 apartments. There are 4 twin towers of 41 storeys or 45 storeys, 1 tower of apartment – service – shopping mall in 44 storeys and Vincom Mega Mall shopping center…. Apartments have various sizes, depend on the buget and the quantity of family to chose a suitable one.

The sizes of apartments: 47.75sqm, 63sqm, 68sqm, 71.1sqm, 90sqm, 96sqm..

can ho masteri quan 2

The Masteri is invested strongly because it is wanted to bring to its customer a luxurious living condition with ready and high qualification of facilities, services. We are always ready to lead you and your family a full and warm living place.


The Masteri project locates at 159 Ha Noi Highway, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. It gets a very convenient location because of connecting of 4 important directions to the key roads of Ho Chi Minh City. Its sides are connecting with the key road of Ho Chi Minh City and the nut of transportation between the East provices and Ho Chi Minh City such as: Ha Noi Highway, Tay Hoa Street, Nam Hoa Street, and Mai Chi Tho Street…

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Morever, the front side of Masteri is taking 200 meters of Ha Noi Highway. Masteri owns an important location connecting to the key roads of the City. It is linked with the An Phu station – number 07 of The Metro Politian from Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien. As investing for construction of Masteri apartment, the investor has worked enthusiaticially to meet the expensive and wonderful location. Beside that, Masteri is next to Long Thanh – Dau Giay High Way, Dong – Tay Bolouva, Mai Chi Tho…


Masteri has many exceited facilities. It is a gold location for moving in Ho Chi Minh City, so it has Vincom Mall is in the Masteri area – the biggest shopping center in the East of Ho Chi Minh City. Morever, Masteri is closed to school, football yard, tennis yard, international school, and Administrative quarter. It feels easy to pick up the children from school, and go around.

can ho masteri

can ho masteri

There are a common activity room, and baby center inside Masteri. It makes convenient for taking care the children. About 100 retails in the shopping center are available to satisfy the needs of shopping for everyone. Moreover, café restaurant, 4 swimming pool are available for 5 towers in Master. It also has a dental clinic for residents. Masteri always think how to meet the highest needs of customer.

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Masteri has a very convenient location, and very large area. Every foot square of the house is in use with the layout of Masteri. Thao Dien investment group is toward to the modern lifestyle, and get high success for the company.

All apartments of Masteri are opened to get the most sun and wind. There are many types of apartments, from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms to make easy for the customer chosing as the budget and number of family. Apartments are designed and have luxurious furniture chosen carefully by professional engineers.

mat bang can ho masteri

mat bang can ho masteri

mat bang can ho masteri

mat bang can ho masteri

mat bang can ho masteri

mat bang can ho masteri


Masteri is constructed carefully from outside looking and high-class furniture inside. It creates the highest convenience for livings of residents. Morever, the price of apartment is very reasonable and comparetative:

Type of 1 bedroom:

  • Diện tích: 45-52m².
  • Giá không nội thất: 8 – 10 triệu.
  • Giá có nội thất: 9 – 12 triệu.

Type of 2 bedroom:

  • Diện tích: 59-72m².
  • Giá không nội thất: 10 – 14 triệu.
  • Giá có nội thất: 14 – 19 triệu.

Type of 3 bedroom:

  • Diện tích: 86m² – 90m².
  • Giá không nội thất: 15 – 18 triệu.
  • Giá có nội thất: 18 – 30 triệu.

Type of 4 bedroom:

  • Diện tích: 115-153m².
  • Giá không nội thất: 30 – 40 triệu.
  • Giá có nội thất: 40 – 50 triệu.

Type of Penthouse:

  • Diện tích: 212-325m².
  • Giá không nội thất: 40 – 50 triệu.
  • Giá có nội thất: 45 – 60 triệu.

Type of Duplex:

  • Diện tích: 112-188m².
  • Giá không nội thất: 30 – 50 triệu.
  • Giá có nội thất: 40 – 60 triệu.