Masteri rental housing project fit for all customers demand

We would like to introduce to customers who are demanding rental house the project which is extremely attractive: Masteri.

Masteri rental housing project is a new project so that these houses for rent are completely new and high quality. When tenants, customers are always looking for nice and aslo affordable apartment to save expense for the family.

Căn hộ cho thuê Quận 2

We ensure that we are able to meet every ordinary demand. With senior designed, modern luxurious apartments which are for the purpose of rent with reasonable price, two-bed apartment for rent is considered by a lot of our customers.

Even though our rental houses have reasonable prices, we ensure every elements of a good project:

+  One bedroom apartment Masteri for rent: 9milion per month with acreage of 52m2 .

+ Two-bedroom apartment Masteri for rent:15milion per month with acreage of  68m2, 72m2.

+ Three-bedroom apartment Masteri for rent:20milion per month with acreage of 90m2, 110m2.

Along with advantages of price, Masteri Project also attracts customers with ulitites built around.

Dự án nhà cho thuê Masteri

If you are demanding house for rent, do not hestitate  to call us for consulting and renting an approriate apartment with our Masteri project.

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