phong khach can ho masteri

Masteri rental housing project fit for all customers demand

We would like to introduce to customers who are demanding rental house the project which is extremely attractive: Masteri. Masteri rental housing project is a new project so that these houses for rent are completely new and high quality. When tenants, customers are always looking for nice and aslo affordable apartment to save expense for [...]

Cho thuê căn hộ Masteri

Coteccons may finish Thao Dien Masteri project before schedule

Masteri project’s progress may meet the schedule and customer can get home earlier than schedule in 2016. This agreement is signed between the Investor and the Contractor at The Topping Out Ceremony on 18th September, 2015. Three-month earlier than schedule Premium residental Thao Dien Masteri Project was launched for topping ou three-month earlier than schedule [...]

Dự án nhà cho thuê quận 2

Masteri apartment is a right choice for those who are in need

Nowadays, due to economic  or personal reasons, many people choose rent houses because of its convenience. Being suitable for those who are working in active environment requiring usual movement, renting houses is always the first choice for them. We would like to introduce to customer the housing project for those who are searching for new [...]

Căn hộ cho thuê Quận 2

House for rent in Masteri project – Bring a stable life to customers.

As the rise in life expectancy, everyone wants to live in a full-equipped place. But not eveyone has a chance to have a room for rent with expected choice. To live in a better life requires a more stable, safe and convenient place. Rental housing for rent Masteri project can meet this demand. With family [...]

Dự án căn hộ cho thuê Masteri

Rental housing masteri project: “Worth to be chosen”

House for rent is a trend for many families nowadays, because it does not take much money to have a desirable apartment. We would like to introduce a rental housing project named Masteri. This project was set up with purpose of bringing the best house for customer. One-bedroom Masteri apartment for rent can be a [...]